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Competitive salary

We are constantly striving to create a fair, fair and effective incentive system for our employees, and toenhance and maintain the continued competitiveness of our compensation in the market through regular annual comprehensive salary adjustments and irregular individual salary adjustments.


Perfect living facilities and colorful leisure life

Unipharm has prepared a variety of leisure life for every member of the extended family. In addition to weekly sports such as badminton and table tennis, there are also outing tours, group organization activities, party members activities,and guild homes. and many more. All of this is not for others, just because we are a family and a vibrant family.

Good working environment andbroad development prospects

We provide a safe and good working environment for every employee, and provide a career stage for 

every aspiring youth. The prospects of each outstanding person are as broad as the company's prospects.



Sound basic welfare and diverse supplementary benefits

The benefits of the division include:

· Complete employee social insurance

· Housing fund

· Employee health checkup

· Employees are paid vacation

· Employees working lunch

· Other humanized welfare care

· Employee wedding gift

· Staff training opportunities