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Since it founded, Unipharm has highly valued R&D. After years of development, the R&D center of the company has reached a considerable size. The company has a group of experienced returnees, engineers and technicians. At present, our research achievement in the field of chiral technology, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives, halogen organic compounds, boric acid and its derivatives have reached the international advanced level.

Based on the company's R&D center, Unipharm provides customers with one-stop services and integrated solutions from R&D to production: including synthetic route design, process and analytical method development and optimization. Services, as well as custom production services such as kilograms, pilot scale production, registration and verification batch production, and large-scale commercial production. Unipharm is highly focused on the core custom service business. With many years of customized production experience, it can efficiently carry out pilot scale amplification, technical verification and commercial production to ensure product quality stability and safety, saving customers time and cost.